3 Business Digital Marketing Tips!

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Digital WorldCan you believe, the world has gone digital? The digital landscape for business has changed dramatically from the old days of television, newspapers, and radio. Today’s buzz words are social, mobile, search, and video. Yes, how businesses communicate with customers is quite different, with millions using multi-media in their daily lives, companies are redesigning their marketing strategies. Let’s look at how things have changed. Not so long ago consumers waited anxiously for newspaper circulars or mailers for the latest sales. Nowadays, consumers use the internet as a search tool to learn, purchase, and share information about products and services.

You may ask, what are the first steps when considering a digital marketing strategy for business. Here are 3 digital tips to get you started.

Digital Tip #1 – Know your company’s website

Do you know why your website exists?

Are you trying to attract new customers for a new product or service?

Do you want to sell online using an e-commerce platform?

Would you like to create a better customer experience?

Here are a few examples of websites created for specific purposes; lead generation, e-commerce, or customer experience. Does your company’s site fall into one of those categories? Or does it have another purpose?

Digital Tip #2 – Know your website visitors

Having an idea of your target audience and how they visit your website is key.

Do you have loyal customers that visit your website regularly?

Are bargain shoppers visiting your website for a good price?

Do any of your site visitors convert into actual customers?

Digital Tip #3 – Know how customers find your site

On any given day, individuals search the internet for information and may reach your site through one of the following: Search Engines, Ads, E-mails, Blogs, Affiliates, Cost per Click, or Referrals. Do you know which one is getting more site traffic?  A Web Analytics tool will give you the data your company can use to make strategic digital decisions. Here are a few; Coremetrics, Omniture, WebTrends, Unica, Google Trends and Yahoo Web Analytics.

About the Author
Cathy C. Smith, Founder/CEO at Chameleon Consulting, LLC has a history of strategically transforming traditional organizations into digital businesses. Cathy has a 20 + years in financial services and has held senior management positions in Banking, Insurance, Government, and Non-profit organizations.

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