How to Navigate Social Media for Business

Yes, believe or not social media is here to stay. Your competitors are launching Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and generating a lot of buzz for their brand. As a business owner, executive, or professional, you are wondering if social media marketing is right for your company....

Managing Social Media Risks within a Company

Social Media has taken the world by storm. Many believe a social media revolution has taken place over the past decade at a rapid pace. As an executive you wonder if your organization can benefit from social media. You wonder if there are any real benefits to starting a program...

Social Media for Business by Robert L. Foreman, Jr. (guest blogger)

The use of social media is becoming more of an invaluable tool for businesses with each passing day. It is no longer just a luxury to have a social media footprint, but a necessity. Some people may think that their business does not need to jump into the social media pool, but...