According to eMarketer, 72% of marketers surveyed say they use E-mail as their primary tool to create a personalized experience for their consumers. Yes, with E-mail Marketing, the conversation is focused on your business in a more personal environment – your customer’s INBOX! E-mail Marketing provides the most direct line of communication to increase sales, with professional coaching from solution providers such as a Chameleon Consulting who utilize one of the top 10 trusted E-mail Marketing platforms in the industry, Constant Contact.

Mobile - Reach your customers where they are every day

Our e-mail marketing services includes:

  • Auditing Services
  • Set-up & Management
  • User Training
  • Database Management
  • Event Marketing
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Online Surveys

Discover the potential of your companies’ E-mail Marketing campaign with:

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  • Creating a communications strategy
  •  Designing a professional newsletter
  •  Improving customer engagement
  • Tracking real-time E-mail activities 


E-mail Marketing gets new customers coming in, and keeps current customers coming back. More benefits include:

  • Customized planning to maximize marketing efforts
  • Professional layout to encourage interaction
  • Increase frequency of constant specials
  • Ability to continue E-mail campaigns independently