We are Information Technology Advisors

In a fast-moving business environment where time to increase market share is vital to your growth, the right technology platform can give you a major competitive advantage. Information technology is a significant investment for most companies, so it is important to make sure your expenditures are based on a plan that supports overall company goals.


Does your enterprise have difficulties:

      • Selecting the right software vendor.
      • Getting the most out of an existing database.
      • Changing from paper to a “paperless” environment.


Chameleon Consulting can assist in developing a strategic plan for efficient utilization of your IT investment.  Our assessments can include:

  • Regulatory Systems (CRA/HMDA)
  • Credit & Collection Systems
  • Items Processing
  • Document Imaging
  • Stress Test Systems
  • Loan Portfolio Analysis Systems (ALLL)
  • Cash Management
  • Platform Systems
  • Cybersecurity Assessment