Are new regulations keeping you up at night? Outdated or nonexistent policies and procedures due to new rules can create issues in every area of your company including operations, finance, and information technology–even the quality of service you provide your customers.  We can help make sure your policies and procedures are up to date with our unique policy review and development processes.  In addition, we can conduct risk assessments to determine where there are weaknesses and help you implement a risk management program that will help mitigate potential exposures.

Chameleon Consulting will identify ways to improve your productivity and profitability while minimizing your exposure to risk, ultimately helping you to better serve your clients. An investment in Chameleon Consulting’s operational policy review can be the turning point for your bank, positioning you for long-term success.


We can assist your organization with:

  • Policy Development
  • Policy Review
  • Procedure Development
  • Procedure Review