Would you like to start or improve your social media marketing program?

Today, small businesses are using social media to foster brand awareness, improve customer service, and to launch marketing campaigns. Some are choosing to manage their social media in-house or outsource activities to a variety of vendors.  With so many choices, no clear direction, and a lack of in-house training programs, firms don’t know where to turn for answers. In order to maximize efficiency and minimize risks companies need guidance with developing a social media strategy.

Social Media Marketing includes:

  • Identifying your brand, goals and objectives
  • Developing a plan to increase engagement, lead generation, and social media presence
  • Determining whether to offer a coupon or downloadable content
  • Identifying relevant and innovative content
  • Measuring social media campaign results
  • Selecting a management system

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Having a solid social media strategy can really help make a difference in the success of your program. You will come off more polished and organized and viewed as being a real player in the social media space.


Does your company need assistance with:

  • Developing a social media program
  • Creating professional-looking landing pages
  • Promoting campaigns on social networks
  • Tracking engagement and measuring results


Our change approach includes:

  • Conducting a social media audit
  • Creating a plan to grow your business
  • Identifying a social management system
  • Getting feedback via an online survey