Extraordinary Mobile Technology at Standard Bank of South Africa!

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In a recent executive brief by IBM Global Business Services titled “No Bank is an Island – Get global before globalization gets you” (see http://ibm.co/ApnvYB) was a eye opener. To read about global opportunities in the emerging markets may be an idealistic and far-fetched concept, but to actually see it in action is “extraordinary.” A recent view of an SAP video (see http://bit.ly/yiaiaC) of Standard Bank in Johannesburg, South Africa using the Sybase Unwired Platform, actually “takes banking to people.” Yes, the “unbanked”! Just imagine opening up a bank account in a village, farm, or marketplace with a mobile device. Exciting! Standard Bank has embraced technology and increased their customer base by leaps and bounds. Look out U.S. banks global competition is on its way!

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Cathy C. Smith, Founder/CEO at Chameleon Consulting, LLC has a history of strategically transforming traditional organizations into digital businesses. Cathy has a 20 + years in financial services and has held senior management positions in Banking, Insurance, Government, and Non-profit organizations.

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