How to Navigate Social Media for Business

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socialmediaYes, believe or not social media is here to stay. Your competitors are launching Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and generating a lot of buzz for their brand. As a business owner, executive, or professional, you are wondering if social media marketing is right for your company. Where does it fit? Who’s responsible? How do I start? After much fanfare, I think we can agree that social media is about marketing, plain and simple. Now, that we’ve gotten that out of the way. What’s the next step? You may think that outsourcing this initiative is the first thing that comes to mind, especially without an in-house social media manager to coordinate all the “moving parts.”

With the world of social media constantly changing it’s hard to decipher the most effective networks for your campaigns, but you would still like to understand the business benefits. Your precious time is limited and spending enormous hours online may not be an option. You need a “one stop shop” with “tried and true” information that is accessible, useful, and easy to navigate through the fascinating world of social media marketing.

Bringing social media into your organization is more than outsourcing the function or designating a community manager to monitor online traffic. You would like to understand the components beyond hashtags, profiles, and tweets to make a good decision.  Smart Insights has a great “need to know guide” titled “Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan.” Writers Dave Chaffey and Dan Bosomworth state that marketing your brand in the social space involves understanding the following; Social Networks, Social Strategy, Social Publishing, Social Bookmarking, Social Streaming, Social Search, Social Knowledge, Social Blogging, and Social Customer Service. You can see the Social Media Marketing Radar infographic at http://bit.ly/TNCbsB to get you started.”

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Cathy C. Smith, Founder/CEO at Chameleon Consulting, LLC has a history of strategically transforming traditional organizations into digital businesses. Cathy has a 20 + years in financial services and has held senior management positions in Banking, Insurance, Government, and Non-profit organizations.

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