Enhancing the Customer Experience with Art and Technology

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MP910220729Art and Technology, a match made in heaven. Recently, I discovered that creating a website takes more than selecting a template and writing content. The professional side of me approached a project with old methods that generated few results in the past. A brainstorming session with my Generation Y sibling who is a multimedia guru convinced me that an online brand has many moving parts to tell one story; logo artwork, inviting colors, meaningful tag words, user friendly links, message conveying pictures, and simplified text. A word to the wise, while traveling on the website development road you will need a graphic artist/web developer who has technological skills to recommend a good web hosting company with an inclusive package.

Along the trip your graphic artist/web developer will take you on a tour of domain names, communication preferences, banner images, interactive maps, and site tracking statistics, just to name a few. Meandering further on your journey, conversations on consistency of “design, look, and feel” will play a role in your company’s online brand presence. Does the viewer experience an easy navigation using the cursor? Are the colors welcoming? Do the pictures convey a compelling message? Are you telling a story? If not, this is where Art meets Technology; by enhancing the potential customer’s website experience with a creative design approach is a business strategy.

According to Daniel H. Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, (http://www.danpink.com/) “design has become crucial for most modern businesses – as a means of differentiation and as a way to create new markets.” Yes, “Design Means Business and Business Means Design.” Perhaps your company is looking for an “out of the box” innovation to attract, retain and grow a customer base during “tough times.” Have you considered a professionally designed website to attract new customers, an easy website navigation to retain existing clients, and an interactive website to grow into unknown territories? If not, you may be surprised that a small investment in art and technology may “overflow your coffers” with revenues that lead to substantial bank deposits.

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Cathy C. Smith, Founder/CEO at Chameleon Consulting, LLC has a history of strategically transforming traditional organizations into digital businesses. Cathy has a 20 + years in financial services and has held senior management positions in Banking, Insurance, Government, and Non-profit organizations.

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